Fashion film


Direction / Concept & Motion Design

Bartek Kalinowski

Director of Photography

Maciek Sobieraj


Fafa (Specto Models)




Aleksandra Smolicka, Aleksandra Melnik

3D / Compositing

Bartek Kalinowski, Rafał Woźniak, Karol Kisiel


Konrad Styczeń

Color Grading

Frederick van Eeden


Zeppy Zep

Sound design



Sean Palmer


Fafa is it an experimental fashion film directed and designed by Bartek Kalinowski inspired by work of great educator and visionary - Alan Key. Every day we become more an more dependent to technology. There are pros and cons of this fact. I strongly believe in science so I see more advantages. In Fafa project I wanted to give as much "creativity" to the algorithms and then pass it through my aesthetics, loop this process few times and see the results.


At first this project supposed to be simple photo session to promote model called Fafa. After few calls we decided to create fashion movie but idea about high quality still frames stayed in my mind. I decided to create very dynamic film with many random, different technics, procedural effects and hope that it will result with some interesting still frames. Whole process was pretty painful and resulted with approximately 100 different 3d renders. Finally, many animations didn't get in to the movie or was visible just for few frames but after all, this was the whole idea.


Hartwig Fashion Department took care of fashion idea: "Model wears nothing but accessories, presented as works of art, who play the lead role in the film. Fafa becomes a metaphor. She changes faces, multiplies herself, blurring the line between photography and 3D motion design. Everything is an illusion. Anything is possible. Just as in today’s fashion, the interpretations can be endless. What counts is personality, style and unique character - fashion shows us unknown territories".


I wanted to create storyline as simple as possible not to overtake the creative visual process. It is based on great TED speech of Alan Key - Ideas about ideas. Anyway story is on second or even third plan, project is mainly a visual experiment.  Bartek Kalinowski

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