Bartek Kalinowski (TELEVISOR)

Concept & Motion Design

Bartek Kalinowski (TELEVISOR)


Wojtek Włodarski


Ola Smolicka

Motion Capture


Semi Finalist

Los Angeles CineFest

Official Selection

BMVA Berlin Music Video Awards

Official Selection

ARFF Barcelona Around International Film Festiwal

KTR Gold

Craft / Audio & Video / Costume Design

KTR Silver

Design / Digital & Motion / Motion

KTR Bronze

Craft / Audio & Video / Animation



Music video for Jetlagz takes the viewer on a crazy journey through the colorful world of surreal fabrics and environments. Project was rendered on Octane in Cinema 4d, cloths were designed and simulated in Marvelous Designer, all composting work done in After Effects. Besides edit done by Wojtek Włodarski whole project was done by me.


Project is a big visual experiment all done after hours. Design and color develop through the video, starting from black and white through colors and ends up on gold. I had some attempts with more complex environments but I was so much in love with cloth movements that I finally decided not to turn away attention from it and stay within very minimalistic scenography. In the video you can find many visual references to works I really enjoy. For example image below is a reference to my favourite music video Jamie XX - Gosh.


Almost all animation was done via motion capture data. Finally the only keyframed animation was camera movements. On some stage I had an idea of making frozen silhouettes of artists rotating along Y-axis but it didn't work well in the edit. Due to lack of keyframes needed the main task was to figure out fast pipeline how to transfer data in easy way. Probably workflow might be easier but this is my way. Skinning was done in Maya then mesh was exported via geometry mesh to Marvelous. After all fabrics work simulated cloth was transferred do Cinema 4d via alembic for the final render. It appears that the most efficient way was to take long takes on Mocap session to have more data on one loop.

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